Interview | LITTERBOX MASSACRE (Slamming Catcore / Brutal Death Metal - United Kingdom)


One day, wandering in the delicacies and subtleties of Slamming Deathcore / Brutal Death Metal, my eyes were caught by an artwork produced as smoothly as the cat’s fur after a good lick. I had just discovered Litterbox Massacre and their perfect title “The Rise of Lucifur”.

Once the song launched, the litterbox massacre could begin. Connected by our love of cats, I decided to exchange a few words with the feline duet. Here we talk about cats but also about mankind degeneration from our four-legged masters’ point of view.


Hi Litterbox Massacre, here is the unmissable question in interviews: Alexs, can you introduce yourselves and your project ?

A.I: Hey my name is Alex Ives, I do vocals and write lyrics for Litterbox Massacre.

A.S: Howdy! My name is Alex Sevigny and I write and mix/master for Litterbox Massacre.

You play “Catcore”, what is the difference for you from Deathcore ?

A.I: For me personally, when we started Litterbox Massacre I was looking to have some fun with the subject matter of this being from a cat’s perspective. Lyrically all of our music is from a cat’s point of view of different scenarios. Our whole concept is based off of cats so we thought it would be clever & fun to step outside and brand ourselves as something different to fit within our bands whole theme.

A.S: I love cats. I love Deathcore. The only logical conclusion is to combine the two haha.


In one year of existence, you have physically released an EP and an album, but also a few singles. We directly notice the particular care you bring to your artworks, quite away from the standards of Slamming Death / Brutal Deathcore. What are you trying to convey? 

A.I: With our artwork we like to insure that each release, the artwork visually brings the concept to life. Especially given we are a cat themed band we really wanted to create something unique for us and for the listeners, it really drives home what we are all about, just two dudes who love metal & cats.

You've done a lot of collaborations, how do you choose them ? How did they go ?

A.I: We have had the pleasure of working with some really talented individuals on our releases. Personally I know a few of the people involved directly & worked with them before on other projects, and others I've always wanted to get the chance to work with them. Everyone was great and super professional, nothing but love for everyone involved. 

A.S: Most of the collaborations via featured vocalists have been good friends of our's, and I've gotta say that it's always such a pleasure to get good friends involved with projects. Having Larry and Bryce from Disciples of Exile on our first EP was actually a catalyst that contributed to me working with Larry and Bryce further, which has been a ton of fun. (I work with Larry in The White Bear Project and Bryce in Divine Destruction). 

Of course it’s because of the cats that I have been attracted by your music, but not only. When we immerse ourselves in the artworks, or the names of the pieces, we find a lot of esoteric touches. What inspires them to you ? 

A.I: When it comes to song titles and lyrical content, the influence actually come from my own two cats, and things they've done, and then I've added my own touch to create this immersive first person story from the cat’s point of view while adding things in to make it a bit more entertaining. 

A.S: I'd say having been around cats my whole life (parents always had at least two cats growing up) has really made it very intuitive for me. The whole immersion into the Litterbox process just comes naturally as a result.

Why mixing them with cats specifically (apart from being the masters of the world)?

A.I: Honestly that's a good question. We both wanted to do something vastly different and yet still be light hearted and funny. From a shared love for cats and metal we decided on writing from a cat’s perspective. It's not something we had seen or heard before at the time and never expected to be where we are now. Garfield was definitely a big inspiration before we moved onto writing about our own cats or creating stories for other tracks. 

A.S: Just a love of cat kind in general I would say. 

Do you put yourself in the cat's shoes or is the cat just an excuse to exacerbate humanity's problems? 

A.I: Definitely put ourselves in the cats paws... see what I did there haha, but everything lyrically is from the cat’s point of view & how they feel about everything and anything they face. 

This is how I feel for example on "28 Meows Later"- does the cat become the prism of a disillusioned vision of mankind, - with this reference to "28 Days / Months Later"? 

A.I: With 28 Meows Later it draws on two things, the first being the unfortunate situation that’s impacting everyone around the world right now with the pandemic. This song is from my cat’s perspective of having me home every day, not being used to me being around and how they feel about the situation. The second is exactly as you mentioned 28 days later we wanted to be creative with the tracks title and to add depth to how long this cat has been enduring this. 

A.S: I'm with Ives on this one, but I gotta say that I love that phrase "the prism of a disillusioned vision of mankind".

Even if Litterbox Massacre vomit violence like my cat does on the carpet, we are very far from the "lol" spirit of Slamming (especially Porngrind etc ...) that we usually see . Do you just want to have fun with cats or is there a message behind it? 

A.I: Honestly just having fun with cats. There's some tracks coming that will have messages within them but for the most part it's all about having fun and creating stories that hopefully have the listener laughing while enjoying the music too. 

A.S: I, too, would say it's mostly about having fun with cats and bringing that fun feline feeling to the listener! 

You just announced a split with (against?) The Dog Park Incident, can you tell us more about this "Cat VS Dog showdown?" 

A.I: Yeah, we are partnering up with the dogs. This split will bring an end to the rivalry between cats & dogs, we intend to prove once and for all, we are the most dominant & favourite pet. You'll have to wait until September 16th to see how it all pans out. 

A.S: Dogs may have their days, but Cat Kind Shall Reign Forever.
On a personal level, what is your relationship with cats? Do cats inspire your music or does your music illustrate the life of cats?

A.I: I genuinely think it’s definitely a blend of both aspects. On the one paw we draw inspiration from little things that happen all the while. Some of our songs are entirely made up based on imagining what goes through a cats head and how they feel about things around them on different levels.

A.S: Yeah I'd definitely go with both here!

I leave you the final meow !

A.I: This has been a lot of fun, thank you very much for having us, cat kind shall reign forever.
A.S: Cheers!

Questions : Morgan
Traduction : Lucas L.