EXCLU | Premier extrait du prochain INFERNO REQUIEM (黑冥煞)

Le groupe de Black Metal taïwanais, Inferno Requiem (黑冥煞) dévoile en exclusivité pour Scholomance 'Nefarious Moaning'. Il s'agit d'un premier extrait de son second album, Nüwa (女娲) à paraître chez Pest Productions.

Il fera suite à Gloomy Night Stories sorti il y a plus de 10 ans maintenant.

Découvrez l'artwork ci-dessus. il est signé Sang Ho Moon (Aek Gwi, Wedard etc...) de Vhan Artwork.

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L'album est un mélange entre l'histoire ancienne et mythique de la Chine ancienne, une forme de révisionnisme inspiré par la science-fiction : "Nüwa, the new conceptual album from Inferno Requiem of 2017, represent both something old-fashioned as well as new blending if people are quite acquainted with knowledge regarding black metal. The theme takes place of a legendary myth to the utterly forgotten tale in Chinese history. While considered "unholy," "unorthodox" by some; it is bold to hypothesize alternative thoughts compared to the so-called "common history" we read and brain-washed today. As IR always does, sci-fi elements are rendered within the contents, with tone of forewarning prophecy. Musically, the album is just pure primitive black metal, represent in the pattern of freezing atmosphere, which true black metal once was. Simultaneously, the entire scene setting is arranged within the likes of sick, thick fog; reverberating in a dark, morbid, solitude of cavernous space. "

Tracklist :

01. Nüwa
02. Ten Suns
03. Apocalypse Chaos
04. Nefarious Moaning
05. The Investiture I
06. Mephitis Leftover
07. Necrobewitchment
08. Aberrant Maleficium
09. Red Planet