Streaming intégral du prochain WANG WEN (惘闻)

Le groupe chinois d’Experimental Post-Rock Wang Wen (惘闻) sortira - en plus de la BO du dernier film de Cheng Ran - son nouvel album, "Sweet Home, Go!" le 30 septembre prochain via Pelagic Records. Il sera disponible en format 2xLP et CD-Box avec quatre cover différentes. Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

L'album a été composé au cours des trois dernières années, et a été achevé début janvier, sous la supervision des producteurs Wouter et Lode Vlaminck. Un des titres est à capela et enregistré dans un hangar abandonné. Cette démarche rappel celle de la BO qui a été enregistré dans un hangar inondé. 

Voici ce qu'en dit le groupe :

"Over the last few years, it feels like time had been spinning out of control. As time speeds by it makes people feel an indescribable excitement but also a feeling of suffocation. Just as we become used to the ways of today, things change in a flash. The Internet has seemingly brought people closer together, but in fact, is has plunged us into the many deep cracks of space & time.”

Sweet Home, Go! follows hot on the heels of WANG WEN’s ambitious vinyl, photo book and DVD box set, entitled In Course of The Miraculous: a collaboration with Chinese cinematographer Cheng Ran, who hired the band to compose a soundtrack for a 9 (!) hour film, which involved an improvised performance of the band in an artificially flooded warehouse.

The packaging of Sweet Home, Go! is equally spectacular: 2 different inner sleeves (printed both on the inside and outside) are showing through the cutout in the outer box sleeve, printed on a special kind of fabric paper – creating a total of 4 different front cover impressions, depending on which sleeve and which side is up. An additional 30×30 cm 12-pages art book comes with the vinyl version.

This kind of attention to detail is indicative of a band that take outstanding care not only about their music, but also about the visual and haptic aspects of their art… WANG WEN profess a holistic approach to art, focused (but not solely limited) on their extraordinary music…"

Un mini-documentaire est visible ci-dessous, ainsi que l'album dans son intégralité :