Premier extrait du prochain album d'ORGONE


Le groupe d' Avant-garde Death / Folk pennsylvanien Orgone dévoile un premier extrait de son prochain album Pleroma. L'album est prévu pour le 24 Juin 2024. 

Tracklist :

01. Silentium
02. Approaching Babel
03. Valley of the Locust
04. Hymne à la Beauté
05. Flâneurs
06. Lily by Lily
07. Ubiquitous Divinity
08. Trawling the Depths - 17:52
09. Mourning Dove
10. Schemes of Fulfillment
11. Pleroma


  1. Anonyme11:22

    Regarding this 18 min long taster release: It's very deep. Gnostic! Incredible guitar: hyper-agile, hyper-nervous and inertia-free guitar work - The guitar 'knows', it passes comments, it steers its burning sun chariot around and through the mega sculpture, it whips up a frenzy and hovers in plaintive ways, sometimes reminiscent of Robert Fripp's sound, it needles beautiful memes into the firmament! The musicianship, the recording, the frenzy, the drama, the comedy and the beauty of it! Quite a few tech metal bands discovered 'ehtno', 'atmo' and bucolic folk elements for gimmicky enrichment and to revive and otherwise dried out musical idiom. But here it is integral to message and feel: one actually cannot write a review of it without referring to the categories 'beauty', 'divine', 'transporting power', 'knowledge of 'the human condition'


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