Streaming intégral du nouveau TETRAGRAMMACIDE

Le projet de War Black Death Metal / Noise indien, Tetragrammacide vient de dévoilee l'intégralité de son nouvel album Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur'an sorti via Iron Bonehead Productions aux formats CD, LP et digital.

Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous en compagnie de l'artwork de l'album signé Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (At the Altar of the Horned God).

Tracklist :

01. Trans-Linguistic Utterance of a Sacred Orgasmal Cry Fills the Lemurian Sky (By the Same Mouth, One True God Crieth Hriliu)
02. Spectral Hyaenas of Amenta Howl, the Vulture of Ma'at Descends, and Tahuti Watches Without His Ape
03. Mandelbrot Scarab of Fractal Manifestation Trapped in the Arachnid Webs, Spun Above the Hidden Pathways Into Non-Euclidean Interbetweenness
04. Fundamental Reconciliation Between Maya and Yama Through Perpetual Okbish-Ouroboric Cunnilingus
05. Nuit Arches over the Neither-Neither City of Cubes; Hadit Meditates While Hanging Upside Down Inside a Tesseract-Ka'aba
06. Kalikshetra-Kairo Consciousness Revival (Alogical Exegesis of the Sandhipada-Sarisreepa Continuum Vigyaan)
07. Thanatos and Eros Wrestle Forever, Folding and Unfolding from the Substratum of Supreme Voidness of S'lba
08. Intoxicated Bees of Sekhet-Aarhu Circumambulate the Abode of Self Beheaded One Who Forever Danceth in Her Shaktisexual Ecstasy
09. One Who Weaves the Chthonic Garland of 52 Skullphabets Severed by the Sword of Neti-Neti
10. Golden Ontological Embroideries of Pythagorean Meta-Geometries Sewn on the Blue Veil Surface of Nought
11. Fifteen Streams of Lunar Kalas Secrete from the Quaking Yoni of the Goddess Sixteen (Tantric Alchemy of the Cascading Nectars of Sodashi)