Second extrait du prochain album de CEL DAMAGE


Le groupe de Math/Grind californien Cel Damage dévoile un second extrait de son prochain album No Volume. L'album est prévu pour le 14 Juillet 2023 via Silent Pendulum Records. 

Tracklist :

01. I'm Taking the Pins Out
02. Are You Kidding Me
03. We Look Nothing Like Ourselves
04. If You're Going to be a Ghost, Are You Going to Watch Me?    
05. They Said I Can Go to The Dance (Feat. Sage Jackson of Face Facts)
06. It’s Mathematically Impossible
07. Mt. Moon
08. Medium Talent
09. George Wilson (Feat. Drez Martinez of Traditions)
10. Such a Sad Monument to Somebody’s Dreams and Aspirations Cut Short
11. You Will Lose Somebody, Someday
12. I Was Catfished