Sortie et streaming intégral du premier DÉMONOS

Le projet indien de Black Metal occulte et avantgardiste, Démonos vient de sortir son premier album, Anno Daemonium. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Démonos Obscurís tête pensante du projet explique : "These ultra-chaotic and ritualistic hymns have been conjured to instil séance-like daemonic phantasmagore; those providing certain aural frequencies and maelstrom of a soundscape for one be able to feel elated and extolled to the degree of the Most High.
These hymns have been sought into existence to ensure that they are diabolical to the core, raising the ever-evolving quest on the dichotomy of what is Sacred and what's Profane.
Every utterance on the LP implores aeons-aged chants, mind-altering theocracies, hyper-aeonian spatial travails through analog recordings, digital alpha-frequencies, hyperspace audial waves, embellished with obscure though immortal cinematic legacy and soil-incense drenched, blind devotion-questioning religiosity."

Tracklist :

01. Magma Stigmata i. Exordium ii. An Obeisance iii. Discovery of Terra - 09:02
02. Vesper Evocation - 06:42
03. Your Ascension is a Mere Illusion - 04:03
04. Oneiric Proselytism - 02:53
05. Malefic Paroxysms of the Divine Order - 05:33
06. Flesh Born Land - 05:43
07. Sol Daemonium - 02:59