Streaming intégral du prochain DAUGHTERS OF SOPHIA

Le one-man band français de Post-Black Metal Atmosphérique, Daughters of Sophia sortira son nouvel album ソ​フ​ィ​ア​の​娘​た​ち  le 12 Mai prochain via A Sad Sadness Song le sub-label d'Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum. Il se découvre dores et déjà en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Le label commente : "Moving the first steps into the Daughters of Sophia realm is apparently peaceful descent into a dimension of meditative solitude, where few calm blinking soon get into dying, melancholic lights.
Song after song, step after step the listener comes more into empathy with the sad story of dissolution of dreams, expectations, hope that covers perfectly represent the transformation of the will into a phantom.
Like a lost soul in a beautiful and cruel world, like the 9 protagonists of each and every song, you can join this dark trip to a vision where tragedy, sadness and melancholia owns the field.
Conceptually this album fits to the most intimate side of Japanese culture, musically references can be made to instrumental Atmospheric Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze/Ambient & soundscape stuff."

Tracklist :

01. Mayaki - 07:15
02. Reina - 05:48
03. Merudi - 07:55
04. Elhaym - 10:54
05. Feena - 07:52
06. Lenneth - 14:13
07. Kyaro - 04:57
08. Schala - 09:30
09. Earisu - 10:50