ZHOAZE (沼泽) dévoile son nouveau morceau

Le groupe chinois de Post-Rock aux influences folk traditionnelles, Zhaoze (沼泽) à dévoilé son nouveau titre "The Life of a Dayfly" (蜉​生​记). Ce titre est une évolution du morceau de 32 second "Dayfly Cherishes the Day Life", présent sur leur dernier album concept Summer Insects Talking about Ice.

Le groupe explique que les quelques soupirs sont maintenant transformés en un voyage de toute une vie. Ils continuent et racontent : "One day in the floating life, is the whole life of a dayfly. Borns in the morning and dies in the evening, the dayfly's life is like a pass-by, the floating life is like a dream in a whlie.

Su Tong Po has a poem: "A mayfly (or dayfly) lives in the world, is as small as a drop of grain in the sea. I mourn the moment of my life, and envy the infinity of the Yangtze River."
Under the sky, in the vast universe, aren't we, the human, a small dayfly that disappears in a blink of an eye?

The two brothers, Hoy and Sean (Seasean), lost their father at the beginning of the year and just lost an uncle at the end of the year.

For so many people, the year 2022 was not an easy one. They have gone through hardships and tribulation, despair and confusion. No matter because of the war, the epidemic, the poverty, or diseases, the reasons might be different, but the taste is just so bitter.

As the old year was passing away, and the new year was coming, Zhaoze was presenting this song. Music cannot turn back the time, but it may heal our inner wounds; music cannot build the future, but it may give us the courage and strength to move on. This is a memory of yesterday and a message for tomorrow.
Floating life could be joyful, floating life could be sad, "Floating life looks back like a flying shadow" (Peom from Wang Ling / Ming dynasty). So let's cherish the happiness of the old days, and look forward to the coming dawns."

Découvrez le morceau ci-dessous :