Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau ERANG

Le pionnier français du Dungeon Synth, Erang ouvre cette nouvelle année avec un nouveau chapitre de son aventure musicale. Il s'intitule A Blaze In Time et s'inspire des bandes-originales des anciens films de Fantasy et qui ravira les amateurs de Dark Crystal, Labyrinthe ou encore Willow.

Il décrit l'album au travers de ces mots : "This is some of the most nostalgic, personal & sometimes desperate music I've ever written. It is meant to be listened to from start to finish.
It is about my family, my life, my dreams and fears.
It is about a travel through time when each track takes place during a different year, period or era...
It is about a travel through space where each track takes place in a different dimension, more or less close to ours...
A journey that starts from the innocence of fantasy to slowly end toward the harsh reality, forever lost in the vast of time.

Imagination Never Fails... but many things do.".

Découvrez l'album en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. A Blaze In Time - 02:57
02. Before Your Eyes, Beyond Your Dreams - 02:16
03. Not Of This Earth (1976) - 02:38
04. Dawn Of The Troll - 02:10
05. Forever Trapped Within The Lonely Madman's Memory Maze - 04:45
06. The Silent Storyteller And The Banished Bard (1982) - 02:55
07. Medieval Mourn - 07:11
08. In The Hall Of The Crystal Mountains Mystics - 02:56
09. Sometimes People Die (1946) - 02:41
10. A Norwegian Story (1991) - 04:46
11. The Sun Is Gone (1994) - 03:21
12. Papa (2012) - 02:24
13. Mother Once Was Free (1950) - 02:30
14. The Dumbest Life (2023) - 05:23
15. Forever Lost In The Vast Of Time - 07:49