Streaming intégral du nouveau WANG WEN (惘闻)

Le groupe de Post-Rock expérimental chinois, Wang Wen (惘闻) vient de dévoiler son nouvel album Painful Clown & Ninja Tiger. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous. Pour les versions physiques il faudra attendre le 10 Mars et ça se fera chez Pelagic Records.

Le groupe explique que ce nouvel opus a été inspiré par ces deux dernières années, de la sauvagerie et de la mort que cette période a réveillé. Il s'agira aussi du premier album où la plus part des morceaux seront accompagnés de chant : "The odd album title makes reference to the traditional Chinese method of calendrical chronology, and is an ironic translation of Chinese into English... but we will tell you more about this later.
"The sexagenarian cycle of the Chinese calendar is like the FE- against FD polyrhythm in music. Two separate paths that travel six times through the Heavenly Stems and five times through the Earthly Branches and then reunite“, comments the band. 
However, this is just a superficial interpretation. 
"The reality is that the dark side has been approaching and events occurred in front of us. All the savagery came back, repeating itself over and over again in a dead loop in history… Painful Clown & Ninja Tiger is a record that summarises Wang Wen's life experience of the past two years.“ "

Tracklist :
01. Light Behind the Wall - 08:48
02. Gone Library - 04:50
03. Black Pill & White Pill - 09:23
04. Painful Clown - 06:20
05. Ninja Tiger - 06:32
06. There's a Wallmart Underneath the Olympic Square - 08:30
07. Wild Fire - 07:35