SYLVAINE dévoile le clip de "Everything Must Come To An End"

Le one-woman band norvégien de Blackagze / Post-Rock Sylvaine, vient de dévoiler son nouveau clip. Il a été réalisé par le photographe français William Lacalmontie (GGGOLDDD, Amenra, Author & Punisher etc.) pour le titre "Everything Must Come To An End" extrait de du dernière album de l'artiste Nova sorti en Février dernier chez Season Of Mist. 

Elle explique à propos de ce clip : "A week later than planned, but I'm elated to finally share my new music video for "Everything Must Come To An End" with you, created by William Lacalmontie. There’s always at least one track on every album that resonates extremely deeply with me every time I revisit it in any way and “Everything Must Come To An End” is definitely one of those on "Nova". It was the first song written for “Nova” yet was somehow a prediction of what life would become shortly after. The whole album is colored by the emotions expressed in this specific track, especially regarding the impermanence and ephemeral nature of everything. Essentially; this is a hymn of loss. An emotionally heavy conclusion to an album that was awfully hard to make, "Everything Must Come To An End" is a track I'm not sure I'll ever be able to play live, hence why I wanted to give people a chance to see some sort of performance of it. Director and creator William Lacalmontie captured a perfect, intimate balance between heartbreaking and heartwarming in this video, something I feel extremely grateful for. He managed to create a visual that perfectly embraces every aspect of this song. Hope you'll enjoy it"