Nouvel extrait du prochain ZALIVA-D

Le duo chinois de Ritual Ambient / Electro, Zaliva-D vient d'annoncer son nouvel album. Intitulé 孽​儿​谣 Misbegotten Ballads il sortira le 23 Novembre prochain via SVBKVLT. Un second extrait est à découvrir ci-dessous, il s'agit du titre "吊揉揉 Diao Rou Rou " qui fait suite à "上路星星 Shang Lu Xing Xing".

Zaliva-D commente : "The years are passed on to the elderly, and the elderly sing to the children. Unfamiliar and uncomfortable. A song for several lifetimes, then blurred and reduced to a hum. People who have forgotten where home is, believe in deceptive signposts. Festive steps backwards, one step to the left, two steps to the right, singing without using the mouth, humming, not knowing who is who. Faces ingress into kids, laughing and jumping, shouting and pissing. Darkness pours into midnight musume, floating in the water, two eyes, three eyes, not me, not me either. The river waves all the way. Stars that lead the singing, towards the ripples of the bells, stumbling and untidy."

L'artwork est une oeuvre de 周沫 MoZhou et le design, Luke Griffiths. Le mastering lui a été réalisé par Raphael Valensi.

Tracklist :

01. 指你 Zhi Ni 
02. 昏寿锵锵 Hun Shou Qiang Qiang 
03. 倒摇嘴 Dao Yao Zui 
04. 孩提症 Hai Ti Zheng 
05. 上路星星 Shang Lu Xing Xing
06. 面入儿跳跳 Mian Ru Er Tiao Tiao 
07. 步女绕梁 Bu Nv Rao Liang 
08. 吊揉揉 Diao Rou Rou 
09. 嗡嗡症 Weng Weng Zheng