CRUACHAN dévoile son nouveau titre

Le groupe irlandais de Black Folk Metal celtique, Cruachan vient de dévoiler son nouveau single. Il s'intitule "The Crow" et on y retrouve en invité pour les chœurs Jon Campling (Harry Potter, Final Fantasy) et Kim Dylla (ancienne voix de Gwar), découvrez le en streaming ci-dessous.
Le titre est un hommage au Mother and Baby Homes. Il s'agissait de foyers pour des mères et leurs bébés, gérés par des ordres religieux, à partir des années 1920, et financés par le gouvernement irlandais. 9 000 enfants sont morts dans 14 foyers mère-enfant  pendant plusieurs décennies. Le groupe explique la suite : "The institutions, where unmarried women and girls were sent to give birth in secrecy and were pressured to give their children up for adoption, were also responsible for unethical vaccine trials and traumatic emotional abuse.

For decades, the stories of these places and the atrocities carried out in them, were largely unspoken or brushed under the carpet — despite calls from the mothers who became virtual prisoners within their walls and children who spent their earliest years there, later sharing stories of neglect and abuse.

But as Ireland made strides to reckon with the uglier aspects of its conservative Catholic roots, deeply intertwined with the foundation of the state, there have been recent moments when the scale of the systemic abuses have been thrust into the light.

The biggest controversy, and the story that brought this to the worlds attention was the ‘Tuam Baby Controversy’ where hundreds of infant skeletons were discovered in a septic tank near a home in Tuam, County Galway.

In the song, the dead children are not forgotten. They are innocent souls, they fell on a battlefield they never asked to be in. The Crow is The Morrigan, she comes to claim these fallen children and save them from the horrors perpetrated by the church."