Détails et extrait du prochain BIG|BRAVE

Le groupe de Post-Metal / Post-Rock expérimental, Big|Brave sortira son nouvel album nature morte le 24 Février 2024 via Thrill Jockey Records. Il sera disponible aux formats LP, CD et digital.

Découvrez un premier extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "carvers, farriers and knaves".

Il a été enregistré, mixé et produit par Seth Manchester aux Machines With Magnets. Le mastering a été confié à Matt Colton (Amenra, Sunn O))), Wolves in the Throne Room etc.) du Metropolis Mastering. L'artwork est signé RW. Art et le layout par MB.

Le groupe commente : "The title nature morte is the French term for still life paintings whose literal translation is “dead nature.” BIG|BRAVE color the songs of nature morte with unease, creating an air of beauty in decay, chords suspended in contemplative stillness. Wattie’s experiences structuring lyrics and song forms on The Body & BIG|BRAVE’s Leaving None But Small Birds informed her work on nature morte, creating stories that, like many folk tales, are at once specific and universal. Wattie’s voice manages to be commanding and vulnerable with impressive range and intimacy. Even her gasps carve their way through the tidal crash of Ball’s distortion wail and the pummel of Hudson’s drums. “the fable of subjugation” conveys pain through strained drones free of time, an aching minimalism that withers slowly before bursting in an outright roar. nature morte is an excavation of dark inner chasms of feelings both ineffable and visceral. The album tackles the folly of hope, the consequences of trauma, often centers on the subjugation of femininity in all its pluralities. “It is violent and terrible. It is crushing and alarming. It is common and basic,” says Wattie. “It is catastrophic and disheartening.”".

Tracklist :

01. carvers, farriers and knaves paroles 
02. the one who bornes a weary load 
03. my hope renders me a fool 
04. the fable of subjugation 
05. a parable of the trusting 
06. the ten of swords