Nouveau morceau et clip pour GOTHMINISTER


Le groupe norvégien de Metal gothique et industriel, Gothminister continue de dévoiler son prochain album, Pandemonium. Ce dernier est prévu pour le 21 Octobre prochain via AFM Records.

Le label décrit le morceau "The trilogy comes to a temporary end with Gothminister’s third music video «Demons». In «Pandemonium» we saw the fall of the evil king and his city, and that a new king was born. In «This is your darkness» we could see Gothminister scouting from his watchtower while the army of dead was searching for new souls to conquer. In «Demons», we go back in time, and discover that also the evil king in «Pandemonium» had a past himself as a normal man where he is challenging the cruel magic of his precessor. However, you should be careful fighting someone else’s demons - it may awaken your own…".

Découvrez ci-dessous le titre "Demons", il est illustré par un clip.