Détails et extrait du prochain IMHA TARIKAT

Le groupe de Black Metal allemand, Imha Tarikat vient d'annoncer la sortie de son troisième album Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World via Lupus Lounge un des sous-labels de Prophecy Productions. Il sera disponible aux formats CD, LP et digital le 2 Décembre prochain.

Le groupe a dévoilé un premier extrait "Radical Righteousness". Voici la description qu'ils en font : "´Radical Righteousness´ deals with the detachment from addiction to emotional suffering. It is depicted as a standoff in the protagonist’s mental depths with the antagonist speaking to him from within, depicted as a sublime and obscure being. He welcomes the protagonist with open arms, trying to make him dwell in the painbaths again. But after glimpsing upon the essence of all these unbearable emotions, you find yourself at a change of heart. Your grief has been paid, it is time to come forth greater than ever before. Now eliminate it, even if it means to destroy yourself.".


01. Intro - Deeper Within 
02. Radical Righteousness 
03. Touch of Mercy 
04. Brute Majesty 
05. Flood of Love (The Beast Trigger) 
06. Interlude - Birth of Grandeur 
07. Dominator Proselitysm Tactics 
08. Streams of Power - Canavar 
09. Stardust Wisdom (Manifest Of The Deity To The Unkeen) 
10. Beast Of Sovereignty