Sortie et streaming intégral du premier SKHEMTY

Skhemty est un nouveau projet de Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient créé par le français John Lordswood (Weress, Anomy) inspiré de la musique et de la mythologie de l'Egypte ancienne. Il vient de sortir son premier album Sunrise on the Old Kingdom au format digital, découvrez le ci-dessous. L'édition physique sera bien disponible via Ancient King Records avec un titre bonus "Valley of the Kings". 

Voici l'histoire qui nous est contée : "It will have taken a long time to arrive beyond the deserts, a wandering king is back to reign over his kingdom, but would he be a black spirit returned from elsewhere ? Discover the pyramids, rediscover the temples lost in the rocky valleys, but watch out for the lost mummies in the sarcophagus. Let yourself be carried away, the eye of Horus will protect you throughout this far journey. Where the sun appeared behind the horizon of the burning deserts near the royal tombs along the Nile, a long expedition with great myths of Egypt, the spirits of ancient times awaits you, the sunrise on the Old Kingdom. ".

L'artwork est signé Silvana Massa Art.

Tracklist :

01. Walking on Sahara - 04:26
02. Golden Age - 03:23
03. Children of the Sun - 04:37
04. Pyramid of Khafre - 05:41
05. Dendera Temple - 03:18
06. Osiris Myth - 03:27
07. Mirage over the Dunes - 02:40
08. Inside the Sanctuary of Horus - 02:06
09. Ancient Ruins in the Desert - 05:28
10. Tombs and Eternal Life - 03:48
11. Glow on the Nile - 04:05