Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau DESOLATE (荒凉)

Le one-man band de Dark Ambient / Noise, Desolate (荒凉) vient de sortir son nouvel album Geng Zi (庚子) via Thanatology Productions. Disponible aux formats CD et digital il se découvre ci-dessous en intégralité.

Le nom de l'album signifie rat de Métal et fait ainsi référence à l'année 2020 : "In the year of gengzi, Na Yin was the earth on the wall, and Wu earth was the cloud. Wu GUI turns into fire, and the fire becomes the sun, so it is inherited by the sky and the sun. It is the earth where Qi passes through Fu Xu. If you get heavy land and capital, water and wood are not rigid, and if you encounter officials and ghosts without punishment, you will decline to protect yourself. Water and soil are in the same palace, and the son is the blade. The extreme is opposite. It flourishes in the sea and declines in the son. The Yang rises and the Yin falls."

Tracklist :

01. 壹 - 01:58 
02. 贰 - 03:10 
03. 叁 - 07:20 
04. 肆 - 04:06 
05. 伍 - 05:03 
06. 陆 - 05:22 
07. 柒 - 04:53 
08. 捌 - 04:40