SKYFORGER dévoile un nouveau titre avec SKANDINIEKI

Le groupe de Pagan Folk / Black Metal letton, Skyforger vient de dévoiler son nouveau morceau en collaboration avec l'ensemble folklorique letton Skandinieki

Le morceau s'intitule "Lec, eglīte" et il s'agit d'une ancienne chanson de mariage Suiti. Le chanteur Peter raconte : "One day, Julgī STALTE, the mastermind behind the SKANDINIEKI collective, asked me if we wanted to join them in a song that they have been performing through the years. And so, there it is, our version of Jump, Fir Tree, a folk song beloved by every Latvian that we made a little bit heavier. In the meantime, we have been busy recording our new album and I’m glad to report that things are slowly moving to the final stretch. We are a bit behind schedule due to changes in our line-up and daily works, but hopefully it should all be done some time next year!”

“Lec, eglīte” is an ancient Latvian song addressed to the fir tree to jump, leap and dance. It has been sung in many forms and versions for several centuries as a part of the traditional Latvian wedding, at the moment of bringing the bride to the groom. Also, “Eglīte” is a basic percussion instrument. In Latvian mythology, the evergreen fir tree represents eternal life, and is revered as a boundary marker between this world and the one beyond. Traditionally, wedding itself was seen as an act of dying as a young girl and boy and being reborn as a married woman and man. Fir twigs and branches were used to adorn the bride’s homestead, as well as her seat at the end of the table during the wedding feast, with the mythological purpose of keeping ill-wishers and evil people away, who would just prick their fingers and leave the bride unharmed.

“May a new day always come! Wedding is a celebration of hope. It is a manifestation of your own initiation journey that is now complete, and you – reborn. No longer a young boy or girl, but a man or woman, fully committed to your family, your people and your land. Ready and willing to take charge of the reality, with responsibility and honour,” adds Julgī STALTE, the creative leader of the SKANDINIEKI folk collective.

“The most important thing, I think, is to stand tall and keep building a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where weddings and baby showers are celebrated and the wisdom of our forebears is held dear. Our land needs men who are ready to stake their claim to this life. Our land needs women who have realised their full potential and power. And so, we, as musicians, put our time, our skill and our voices together and chant - Jump, Fir Tree!"

Découvrez le morceau ci-dessous :