Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau DARKHER

Darkher (Doom Metal/Dark Folk - UK) vient de sortir son nouvel album The Buried Storm via Prophecy Productions. Il est disponible aux formats CD, vinyle et numérique. Découvrez le ci-dessous en streaming intégral.

Le groupe explique : ""The Buried Storm" gives shape to the darkness lurking at the edge of consciousness, hidden from plain sight but patiently biding its time to strike out at the heart. DARKHER have delivered another frightening masterpiece that easily transcends musical boundaries with its broad appeal to friends of dark sounds regardless of genre. "The Buried Storm" captivates its listeners with deceptive sweetness – only to bind them tightly within a thorn-spiked nocturnal beauty forevermore. ".

Tracklist :

01. Sirens Nocturne
02. Lowly Weep
03. Unbound
04. Where the Devil Waits
05. Love's Sudden Death
06. The Seas
07. Immortals
08. Fear Not, My King

Bonus CD (Artbook only) :

01. Lowly Weep (acoustic)
02. Unbound (acoustic)
03. Love’s Sudden Death (acoustic)