Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau ABSOLUTE PURITY (絕對純潔)

Le groupe chinois d'Expérimental Pop, Absolute Purity (絕對純潔) vient de sortir son nouvel album We Fought Over The Moon via Ruby Eyes Records. Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici une parti de sa description : "These touches create a dramatic atmosphere for the song, and correspondingly, the layering of the vocals is more three-dimensional. These have created a certain complexity in the relationship between hearing and text - music, vocals, emotional logic are no longer a simple correspondence, superposition, no longer a curve overlapping and smooth progress of the same frequency, Instead, it is full of emotions like the whole album, full of self-analysis, confrontation, and ambiguity. The last four songs from "Quickly", they obviously go down a sinking, ominous channel in terms of text, maybe it's just the sequence of the recordings and it doesn't mean more, well The musically rich and narrative title of the last "Last Days of Louis XIV" (which stands out on the album) balances the sinking of this article, does it vaguely point to a new direction, Towards a creation that can be called "objective subjectivity"?"

Tracklist :

01. Absolute Pure - 02:56 
02. Celesta - 02:42 
03. Crime Fiction - 03:35 
04. Ten Minutes - 04:48 
05. I! Alarm! Alive! Alive! - 04:19 
06. Over the Moon - 03:15 
07. Hurry hurry - 03:41 
08. Turn Red - 04:07 
09. Middle Ring - 03:38 
10. Last Days of Louis XIV - 03:23