WARDRUNA dévoile les détails et un extrait de la nouvelle version de "Kvitravn"

Un an après la sortie de l'album Kvitravn, le Nordic Folk norvégien, Wardruna présente Kvitravn - First Flight of the White Raven une version comprenant l'album studio original de 2021, plus une version audio live capturée lors de leur expérience live virtuelle du 26 mars 2021. L'album sortira aux formats double CD, LP et Digital le 22 avril 2022 via Sony Music, Columbia Records, Music For Nations et By Norse Music. 

Einar explique : "This was recorded in a time when it was not allowed to perform in front of an audience, which made it very important for me that the recording itself truly captured the energy of a live performance. What you will hear, is what we performed in that moment in that room. No re-recordings or autotune was done in the afterwork. Just like for a regular concert, the set list was carefully put together with a selection of songs from all our albums, including a handful songs from the new album, which we performed for the very first time. On the day of recording, we all stood together in the same room for the first time in over a year. Everyone came focused and well prepared and the energy felt like no time had passed. I hope you will agree!

Un premier extrait se découvre ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

Kvitravn – First Flight Of The White Raven (2022) :

01. Synkverv (Turn-sight)
02. Kvitravn (White Raven)
03. Skugge (Shadow)
04. Grá (Grey)
05. Fylgjutal (Speech of the Fylgja)
06. Munin(Memory)
07. Kvit hjort (White Stag)
08. Viseveiding (Song-hunting)
09. Ni (Nine)
10. Vindavlarljod (Song of the wind-bred)
11. Andvevarljod (Song of the Spirit-weavers)

Kvitravn – First Flight Of The White Raven Live :

01. Kvitravn
02. Skugge
03. Solringen
04. Bjarkan
05. Raido
06. Voluspá
07. Isa
08. UruR
09. Grá
10. Vindavlarljod
11. RotlaustTre Fell
12. Fehu
13. Helvegen