Nouveau morceau et clip pour KEKAL

Le groupe indonésien de Metal Extrême avantgardiste et expérimental, Kekal vient de dévoiler un nouveau titre intitulé "Born Anew". Il est extrait du prochain album du groupe à paraitre dans le courant de l'année.

Le groupe explique s'être inspiré de l'évolution des technologies et de l'ADN humain qui nous mennent à un nouveau niveau de conscience, de la réalité et du virtuel : "Without being afraid to expand further into wider musical territories and different production methods, "Born Anew" also keeps the familiar approach to what Kekal has been known for years; with all the variety of musical expressions packaged within an individual track.
Thematically, the lyrics and video describe the process of ascension, which is currently happening on Earth at the faster rate; awakening, activating and upgrading the codes on human DNA that is manifesting as the transformation of our cellular structures from carbon-based to the crystalline-based in order to ready ourselves for higher dimensional holographic realities. The music video also shows the "mirror-aspect" in which the dark forces at the same time attempt to create the path of descension of humanity, towards their transhumanism agenda with the goal of total control and enslavement, by connecting programmable human DNA structures to the artificial-intelligence."

Découvrez le clip ci-dessous :