Sortie et streaming intégral du split TOUZA SENRA & CANDLEKEEP

L'alliance Dungeon Synth regroupant Touza Senra et Candlekeep vient de sortir son split au format K7 et digital via True Cult Records. Il s'intitule Growing Grain in Cold Corridors et se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici se qu'en dit le label : "From the catacombs of France finally comes the much awaited split between Touza Senra and Candlekeep! The people behind Etxegiña and Estéva respectively venture forth deeper into the shady realms of dungeon synth bringing you an offering of bittersweet yet progressive melodies, inspired by jazz, dark ambient and medieval folk to accompany your December melancholy."

Le mixage et le mastering ont été confiés au Nidtsang Studios L'artwork est signé Candlekeep en se basant sur les travaux d'Hans Bol.

Tracklist :

01. Touza Senra - Beating Drum For Wretched Hands - 06:32 
02. Touza Senra - Throneless Halls, Unguarded Towers - 06:30 
03. Touza Senra - Sleeping Under A Weeping Oak - 05:50 
04. Candlekeep - Ermits on the Crystal Road - 06:57 
05. Candlekeep - Dust in the Trees - 09:08 
06. Candlekeep - The Harrow is Falling on the Hands of the Thief - 07:03