Sortie et streaming intégral du premier GOLDEN CAT PAGODA (金猫塔)

Le one-man band de Black Metal expérimental chinois maintenant localisé au Canada, Gold Cat Pagoda (金猫塔) vient de sortir son premier album. Il s'intitule Entropy 熵 et il est disponible via Pest Productions, découvrez le en intégralité ci-dessous.

Voici ce qu'en dit le label : "Floating, alone, as everything that surrounds the heartless corpse silently unfolds; voices of the wandering spirits echoing from that seashore light-years away; floating, as such, your past is a pagoda sunken into that abysmal sea called consciousness, the pagoda is the only light of that pitch-blackness made of entangled paths. That pagoda is the only love this cold world ever cared for; it is what you are heading to, eventually.

This vast yet forlorn realm that Gold Cat Pagoda manages to invoke in his desolate soudscape has immediately caught us attention. Originally from Shanghai, currently residing in Vancouver, Gold Cat Pagoda is an one-man experimental black metal project founded by 张 in early 2020. Rooted in modern black metal's spiteful essence, Gold Cat Pagoda (mercilessly) combines elements from other genres like free jazz, ambience, and avant-garde. We were amazing by his previous ep 循环往复,生生不息 (released in late 2020) , especially for his ability to infuse the dark romance of those folktales in China's Chuan Yu Region into the devilish and haunting dementia born out the murky liquid of the nameless colossal void."

Tracklist :

01. Half Mistake - 02:40 
02. Confusion - 05:12 
03. Break! Break! Break! - 05:33 
04. Conch - 05:22 
05. Stuck - 01:49 
06. Authenticity - 05:06 
07. Connection Centre - 07:47