Sortie et streaming intégral du premier SWINESLAUGHTER

Le groupe philippin de Grind / D-Beat / Punk Hardcore Swineslaughter vient de sortir son premier album We Are Your Enemy

L'album a été composé dans l'optique de montrer à quel point leur pays était devenu pourri : "After months of difficulties in releasing their record, extreme music vigilantes from Cavite, Philippines Swineslaughter has finally released their first album "We Are Your Enemy." Due to the pandemic, the band decided to record the album at a slow pace, brewing their own blend of grindcore, extreme metal and hardcore punk. The album contains 11 tracks of ear-splitting blastbeats, crushing guitar riffs, gnarly bass riffs and bestial vocals driven by the rotting dystopian society their country has become. Their full length is available in digital and physical copies."

Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous.


01. Cognitive Dissonance (Confused) - 02:22 
02. We Are Your Enemy - 01:17 
03. Eat The Rich - 00:56 
04. Anti Fascist - 00:55 
05. Die Police Scum - 01:20 
06. Bootlicker - 02:03 
07. Bottomfeeder - 01:31 
08. Incel - 01:12 
09. Illusion - 04:49 
10. Fuck The War On Drugs - 03:18 
11. DDS Punks Fuck Off - 01:20