Nom et artwork du prochain LVCIFYRE

Le groupe de Black / Death Metal anglais, Lvcifyre vient d'annoncer le successeur Svn Eater sorti en 2014 ! Ce troisième opus s'intitulera The Broken Seal et sortira chez Dark Descent Records début Septembre.

L'artwork est l'oeuvre de Daniele Valeriani et il se découvre ci-dessous.

Et voici le communiqué du label sur ce nouvel album : "Dark and suffocating death metal sorcery from the innermost bowels of the European underground. “The Broken Seal” is a unique fusion of musical worlds, concocted to plague the reality of flesh. When Lvcifyre made their way into Milan’s SPVN Studio in early 2020, they had no idea how much everyday reality would be changing around them. As the old world drew its final gasping breaths, Lvcifyre ventured deep into themselves to birth a smothering slab of audible darkness fit to greet the new age. Calculating and cruel, steeped in an ambience of controlled fury, it offers a jarring journey through the haunted recesses of the mortal mind. Seven painstaking years in the making, Lvcifyre mastermind T. Kaos describes “The Broken Seal” as ‘the biggest mountain to climb so far’ in his 25 years as an active musician."