Détails et extrait du prochain EP de CIRITH UNGOL

Le légendaire groupe US de Heavy / Doom Metal épique, Cirith Ungol sortira son nouvel EP le 28 Mai prochain. Il s'intitulera Half Past Human et sera disponible au format CD et LP via Metal Blade Records. Un premier extrait a été dévoilé, il s'agit du titre "Brutish Manchild" et il s'écoute ci-dessous.

Le label explique que cet EP a été construit avec d'anciens morceaux jamais publiés par le groupe depuis ses débuts et réenregistrées pour l'occasion : "The globe was ravaged by pandemic in the wake of the release of Cirith Ungol's triumphant reunion album, "Forever Black", in April 2020. As time stood still, the band dug deep into their archival crypts, drawing back the veiled mists of history to expose long-forgotten jewels from their storied past. In so doing, the band exhumed four songs written in a bygone era but never properly included as part of their fabled discography. Cirith Ungol swept the dust off these precious relics, summoning long-dead forces back to life. Each song was reimagined for today, injected with a fresh dose of power and vitality while preserving their trademark mysticism and remaining drenched in sinister, apocalyptic energy. Recorded under the watchful eye of producer Armand John Anthony (Night Demon / Bewitcher / Gygax) in the darkness of 2020, Half Past Human promises to be a treasured addition to the music collections of Cirith Ungol's loyal legions. In keeping with tradition, the package is completed by stunning cover art courtesy of acclaimed fantasy artist Michael Whelan, from the original Elric series."

L'artwork est, une fois encore une oeuvre de Michael Whelan, l'artiste d'Heroic Fantasy qui illustra la série original du cycle d'Elric de Michael Moorcock,. 


01. Route 666 - 05:05
02. Shelob's Lair - 05:34
03. Brutish Manchild - 03:43
04. Half Past Human - 07:23