PAN-AMERIKAN NATIVE FRONT dévoile un nouvel extrait de son prochain album

La formation rendant hommage à ses racines amérindiennes, Pan-Amerikan Native Front (Black Metal - USA) sortira son nouvel album Little Turtle's War le 5 février via Death Kvlt Productions pour le format LP, une version K7 sea disponible chez Death Kvlt Productions, Stygian Black Hand et Les Fleurs du Mal Productions 

"The special characters used in the logo to substitute the letters ME in "Pan-Amerikan" and TI in "Native" derive from the Cherokee syllabary. The syllabary was invented by Sequoyah in the early 1820s and was quickly adopted by the Cherokee nation to learn how to read and write in their native language.

The bird logo was inspired by the shoulder sleeve insignia used by the 45th U.S. Infantry Division of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. The symbol features the Thunderbird, a common Native American figure. The insignia was approved in 1939, previously the division adopted a swastika as a tribute to the natives in the Southwestern region of the United States. However, due to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany the use of the swastika prompted the decision to replace it. The division participated in World War II beginning with the amphibious assault in Sicily. Later, the division battled in France and eventually participated in the capture of Munich

Les vocaux de cet opus ont été enregistrés à une heure de route où a eu lieu cette bataille.


01. Assembly of the Western Confederacy
02. Power of the Calumet Dance
03. Battle of the Wabash
04. The Whispering Oak
05. Michikiniqua's Triumph
06. The Great White Beaver Lurks
07. A Witness
08. nakaaniaki meehkweelimakinciki

Découvrez "Battle of the Wabash":