Streaming intégral du nouveau ABSOLUTE VALENTINE

Le projet de Synhwave Absolute Valentine vient de dévoiler son nouvel album American Nightmares. Il sortira le 12 Février prochain au format CD via Lazerdiscs Records. Découvrez le en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

Voici le début de l'histoire de ce nouvel opus : "Things are getting heavy. Your walk-through paradise has gone dark, as dark as a park past the midnight hour.

Flesh falls from the heavens all around you, the smell is of the sweetest blood, the sweetest death... dare you hold your breath in this candy land of miracles.

Your skin is kissed by the razor blades of the fallen angels who beg for forgiveness in a town that is no longer forgiving. The heartbeat of the living is the beacon for the dead, and it doesn’t stop.

Tic-tock your wrist watch is the last thing you see before you enter the last block on the left. Stepping to the AM, determined to see the dawn your body mourns for you for the spirit has long gone.

Did the world need another hero, anyway?"

Tracklist :

01. Lost Paradise 
02. American Nightmares 
03. Heartland Romance 
04. Terrordrome 
05. Goth.AM 
06. Razorblade Kisses 
07. Chainsaw Revenge 
08. Sweet Sweet Death 
09. Flesh Of Fallen Angels 
10. American Nightmares (Bloodpanic Remix) 
11. Goth A.M (Billy Mays Band Remix) 
12. Terrordrome (Rogue VHS Remix)