Détails et extraits du dernier chapitre de la trilogie de NIKY NINE

Le projet de Darksynth / Synthwave, Niky Nine vient d'annoncer la fin de sa trilogie Ozuwara. La fin de se road-trip post-apocalyptique dans le vieux monde s'intitulera Black Sharken et sortira le 5 Février prochain via Lazerdiscs Records.

Découvrez deux extraits de se nouvel EP ci-dessous avec les titres "Warr feat 6S9" et "Hollow Hawk". 

Voici le début de l'histoire : "End of the road...

As Hydra, the old and decaying Military Defence Satellite, looped the lands and played Ozuwara, the heroin of this tale, into the hands of the punk outlanders for hire, the Krueger Clan.

Ozuwara was not to know of this threat, too busy rolling the sands of the old world trying to find her man, her love, her life. They were cruelly separated to break their hold on the people, leaving Ozuwara increasingly venerable to an imminent attack, she had no choice but to search for him, to drive and fight her way through until she hit the sea, only to go back again. No rock, shack, mountain, or woodland could be left unchecked.

Stopping to dig for fuel just after running out of her reserves, Ozuwara stepped out to first quench her thirst, as there was also water to be found. Calling, she could hear calling... Drink poised at lips, she listens... Her name, over and over!"


01. Hydra 
02. Black Sharken 
03. Warr feat 6S9 
04. Hollow Hawk 
05. Supercharged 
06. Conclusion (Ozuwara Death)