Sortie et streaming intégral du second ARS MAGNA UMBRAE

Le projet polonais de Black Metal atmosphérique, Ars Magna Umbrae vient de sortir son nouvel album, Apotheosis via I, Voidhanger Records. Il est disponible au format CD, LP 12" et digital. 

Découvrez cette offrande occulte et ésotérique en streaming intégral ci-dessous. 

"After two years of dreamless sleep, ARS MAGNA UMBRAE reemerges with a cathartic offering to the blood-drinking Witchmother of Astral Crossroads. Once again, calling upon the subterranean currents that flow through the arteries of heaven and earth, to banish the old, invoke the new and transform. ARS MAGNA UMBRAE's most intense, concise and demanding effort so far, “Apotheosis” takes the listeners on an occult black metal journey across the shores of plutonian nights, through starless aeons and oneiric fields, to later plunge them into the depths of boundless devotion and joyous madness. A fusion of dream and reality, embodying a descent into the blighted pits of the divine, serving as an integral initiation into the ancient art and craft of Chthonic worship.

Tracklist : 

01. Through Fields of Asphodel - 05:01
02. She Who Splits The Earth - 04:24
03. On The Wings Of Divine Fires - 04:19
04. Apotheosis - 04:13
05. Mare Tenebrarum - 04:53
06. Oracle Of Luminous Dark - 04:54
07. Of Divine Divergence - 06:36
08. Ignis In Tenebris - 04:30