Le groupe de Slamming Deathcore / Brutal Death Metal chinois Human Instrumentality Project vient de dévoiler son premier morceau, Air​ ​(空しき流れ). Il est extrait de leur premier EP à paraître, The Brutal Angel's Thesis.

Le groupe s'inspire d'Evangelion et plus précisément d'Asuka Langley Sohryu pour ce morceau. Le groupe cherche a recréer le paysage mental du personnage tiraillé entre sa solitude, la peur de l'abandon, sa force de caractère, son arrogance mais aussi sa joie de vivre : "In the eyes of outsiders, Asuka is a lively, optimistic, positive girl with excellent performance and a little arrogant, but she also closely walks with "collapse" and "spiritual pollution" in her heart. She tried hard to prove herself and isolated herself from the outside world in the pretence of arrogance to gain a sense of security, but eventually she stepped into the abyss of being abandoned and nibbled. We use her words to say : "I want to live on my own", and at the same time, we want to share with you the idea of giving more attention to the "smiling and depressed patients" around us. In the time you don't find and can't see, the "Asuka" around us may be spending countless nights haunted by nightmares and want to leave the world."

Découvrez le titre ci-dessous avec l'artwork de celui-ci :