Un nouvel extrait pour BLACK HATE

Le groupe de Black Death Metal mexicain, Black Hate continue de dévoiler son prochain album Altalith à paraître via Dusktone au mois de Juillet. Découvrez un second extrait ci-dessous avec le titre "Ir.Kalla".

Commentaire du label: "Ir.Kalla" slowly unfolds the gloomy universe in between black and mystic death metal which is the unique trademark sound BLACK HATE has been known since a while. The intense new single guides the listener through the mystical ambience of the sky and leverages the radiance of their mournful instrumental driven soundscapes.

the whole album draws the listener into a void of interweaving beauty, coalescing with paralyzing dejection that leaves nothing but the desire of total immersion, BLACK HATE prove their versatile musical identity once again and that the modern blend of deadly black metal is flowing through their veins."