Un second extrait pour le prochain KARMACIPHER

Le groupe de Death Metal hongkongais Karmacipher sortira son second album Introspectrum au format CD et LP via Infree Records le 30 Avril prochain. 

Découvrez l'artwork ainsi que le second extrait, "Quadrant". Le titre fait suite à "None" dévoilé il y a peu.

"‘Introspectrum’ is their second full-length album, the title is combined with ‘Introspect’ and ‘Spectrum’, can be considered as spectrum of karma, is an album that dealing about life, a sense of time elapsing, an irresistible helplessness of cognition in this modern universal environment, and we are all worshiping the vessel of paradox.

This time, the band is having the french drummer Kévin Paradis (Benighted, ex-Svart Crown) on session duty. The music is more brutal but depressive, more filthy but progressive structured then their previous works.

The artwork was created by french artist Stefan Thanneur (Chaos Echœs), the cover art is shown a concept of entropy, it totally related to an interaction between time and human mind. We can’t live apart from memories, past and history, we are now seems rebuilding the tower of Babel, and keep sanctifying those failures."

Tracklist :

01. My Spectrum - 07:27
02. None - 04:46
03. Quadrant - 08:03
04. Vessel - 06:17
05. Revertant - 05:48
06. Involuntary Converged - 07:01
07. Eternal Departure - 09:03