Premier album extrait à l'appui pour BELORE

Le projet français Belore (Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal) a annoncé la sortie prochaine de son premier album. Intitulé Journey Through Mountains And Valleys, il paraîtra le 24 janvier 2020 via Northern Silence Records. Il s'agit du side-project d'Aleevok bassiste live de Darkenhöld.

Découvrez en ci-dessous un premier extrait avec le titre "The Return Of The Fallen Heroes" accompagné des paroles.


01. The Valley Of The Giants
02. The Whispering Mountains
03. The Bewitching Horns
04. The Howlings Fields
05. The Initiation Ritual
06. The King's Funeral
07. The Return Of The Fallen Heroes
08. The Serenity Of Steel

Lyrics :

Thousands of soldiers died at the battle of lowland
Most in rebel ranks
Their bodies were piled up, exposed around the castle
To prevent a new uprising

Hour of eternal rest has come
We will never forget those fallen heroes

The peace treaty freshly signed
Act the repatriation of the soldiers' bodies in their village
To be buried, to be commemorated
In ancient and local traditions

The king's knights approach the village
Followed by the sunset and the sound of galloping horses

They had been deserting the country for so many time
Their arrival ended an expectation of more than sixty years

Golden coffins shine under twilight rays
Highlighting the clan's emblem
Family and descendants of the dead run to the royal diligence
Wanting to suture an open wound in their family history