NON OPUS DEI est de retour avec un premier extrait de son prochain album

Non Opus Dei (Black Metal - Pologne) sera de retour le 23 septembre avec la sortie de son nouvel album Głód chez Pagan Records aux formats Digipak et vinyl.


01. Siew  
02. Po jałowej ziemi
03. Diabeł posiał głód
04. Głód
05. Do ołtarzy w piekle
06. Czarci most  
07. Plon

Commentaire de Klimorh (chanteur):

"The concept of "Głód" ("Famine") was inspired by some ritual practises from the territory of Poland, especially Warmia. The practises survived in spoken folklore until today. They can also be found in files from trials against the use of black magic. The peopley used to make sacrifices at the end of the Winter. To wake up the Sun. For The nature to be reborn. Yet one year, She, led by vengeance and hatred, reversed The Ritual. She put a hunger-spell on the soil of all fields. She enchanted sowing with dead crops. Put a thirst-spell on the waters of all rivers. From dead earth, she drank the thirst. From her mouth full of not-water, rains returned to the sky. And so, She sowed Famine..."

Découvrez l'extrait  'Po jałowej ziemi':