Décès de Richard Brunelle ex-guitariste de MORBID ANGEL

Richard Brunelle, ex-guitariste de Morbid Angel de 1985 à 1992, ayant enregistré les cultes Altars Of Madness et Blessed Are The Sick puis de Paths Of Possession de 1999 à 2004, est décédé ce lundi 23 septembre, à l'age de 55 ans. 

Voici le communiqué de Pete Sandoval:

This is really sad!
So many great memories we shared together that I’ll never forget, hope and wish you are in a better place.My condolences to his family.“I just received an email of his family letting me know about this sad new, please, a little respect guys, don’t ask me the cause of death or something like that, does it matter? he just passed away and that’s sad”Thanks