Sortie et streaming intégral du nouveau INFERNO REQUIEM

Malgré la sortie de la demo Wolf From Onon Realm plus tôt dans l'année, Inferno Requiem (Black Metal - Taiwan) est déjà de retour. Son nouvel album s'intitule Shanhai et il est disponible au format K7 et CD via Elderblood Productions.

Il se découvre en streaming intégral ci-dessous avec l'artwork.

Voici le communiqué de l'artiste : "Shanhai is a series demonstration of potentially hidden myth regarding epic legends in ancient mythology. A clandestine pagan folklore first-ever written from the stand point of notorious nemeses, who often depicted as the villains in most official historical documents/records. The album would now illustrate these untold ingredients with unique perspective while re-presenting with the purest underground sound in black metal.
While the simple-yet-profound debut “Gloomy Night Stories” provides primitive and aggressive punches in the face; In “Moon” one would be surrounded by the toxic taste within those ghastly, ritual atmospheres; and then the mechanical, cold apocalyptic “Nüwa” infuses with strong Sc-fi approaches regarding ancient alien bio-invasion to human evolution. “Shanhai” in fact, consists inherently sort of a “fusional compound” of those above while some majestic momentum also added to the mix. It would unequivocally mark the most monumental period over the band’s two decades span."

Tracklist :

01. Lost Clan, Wrath of Forsaken Beast - 05:15
02. Shanhai (Grand Rage from Mountain and Sea) - 04:46
03. Toward the Mystic Gate of the Sun - 04:53
04. Sacred Throne with Serpent Totem - 04:38
05. The Investiture II; Spear of Anarchy - 04:12
06. Ghost of Coldness and Despair - 04:08
07. Shadow Lurking in Obscured Ruin - 04:23
08. Dying Star - the Villain's Elegy - 07:00