NANOWAR OF STEEL annule sa venue au Rock In Park et dévoile son clip pour "Norwegian Reggaeton"

Le brillantissime groupe parodique Nanowar of Steel ne s'arrête jamais.

Respectueux de ses influences premières, il embarque donc pour un Canceled Tour estival. Et ça a commencé en beauté avec l’annulation du Rock In Park, festival italien auquel le groupe était programmé. Les membres se sont expliqués sur le dramatique malentendu à la source de ce retrait de l'affiche :

"After 18 minutes of tireless work and preparation we arrived at the Rock In Park site yesterday, ready to play today. 

The Rock In Park organizers obstructed our efforts to put on the mediocre show we had promised.

Despite what you may hear or read, the Rock In Park organizers did not have control over the circumstances that prevented our performance, given that we are a group of lunatics. 

We always have and always will fight to give our fans 2.04%. 
Our Umbria fans and press know, if Nanowar Of Steel come to Tuoro Sul Trasimeno and are unable to perform, the fault does lie with us, even though we might say otherwise. 

Remember what happened in the "Village Fair of the Steamed Mushroom Festival". 

We could not care less that you are being made to suffer. We want you to know that everything we do is for our wallet. We stand toghether with your bank account and especially with those who came a long distance to see us, ahahahahah, what a buch of retards OMG I can't believe someone would do that LOL. We will not allow (almost) anyone to send us underage nude pics anymore! 
Be very sure we'll spread fake news as usual! 

Thank you to the Most Idiot Fans In The World for your continued loyalty and support despite the fact that we have been writing nothing but shitty music for the last 15 years!"

Dans la foulé le groupe a mis en ligne son nouveau clip qui fleur bon l'été et les plages paradisiaques et tropicales de la Norvège :