Sortie et streaming intégral du premier SOMN

Le groupe russe de Post-Black Metal / Post-Rock / Blackgaze, Somn, vient de sortir son premier album The All​-​devouring via Elusive Sound. Découvrez l'album en streaming intégral ci-dessous.

L'artwork est signé Mladen Ilic. Voici comment le groupe présente cette offrande :

"Who are we really that we are capable of such horrifying acts in our dreams; That our mind can be both so twisted or so grandiose and wonderful in its liberated creation?

There are times we want to dream because it frees our soul and amplifies vision, yet sometimes we fear to sleep because our demons eagerly await to take over our mind. They fuel the anxiety that keeps us hypervigilant and awake at night and the kind of animal fear that consumes us as we reluctantly fall asleep.

Oh the night is merciless and long. Come, hold my hand and sing for me that song. Soon I shall leave you behind, soon I shall leave all I know behind. Soon sleep shall take me."

Tracklist :

01. Sightless - 10:48
02. Awe - 07:58
03. Tempest - 09:57
04. The All-devouring - 09:05