Détails et extraits de la première démo de SADISME

Le projet solo californien Sadisme (Black Metal) entre dans la scène au moyen d'une première démo qui sortira le 18 janiver prochain chez Grey Matter Productions.
Intitulée Festering In Telepathic Communion, cette offrande sera déclinée au format cassette limitée à 50 copies seulement.

Sadisme (French for ‘sadism’) hails from the same fetid California underground that retched forth the blackened vampyric hell-cults Byyrth and Akasha, and the one-man project plays black metal in a similarly raw style. That rawness, however, is where the similarities among the projects end. Whereas there’s a sinister kind of sultriness to Byyrth’s approach to the genre, and Akasha just fucking hates everyone, there’s something far more melancholic fueling Sadisme’s abrasive sound. Song titles like “Picking at the Corpse of a Past Life,” “Scars the Size of Monoliths,” and “Ruptured Remains of Unconsciousness” speak directly to the physical and mental torment at the heart of Festering in Telepathic Communion. The anguished melodicism of enigmatic Sadisme architect Juggernaut’s riffs commingle in violent solidarity with the agonized wails of his vocals to cast that torment in high relief – a sonic tableau akin to the bloody regeneration scenes from the first two Hellraiser movies. 

Découvrez les deux premiers titres mis en ligne en attendant la sortie de cette offrande ci-dessous.

Tracklist :

01. Tearing The Psychical Wall
02. Festering In Telepathic Communion
03. Ruptured Remains Of Unconsciousness
04. Picking At The Corpse Of A Past Life
05. Vomited Vessels Of Vitriolic Suicide
06. Scars The Size Of Monoliths
07. Perpetual Planes Of Paranoiac Psyche