Détails et extrait du prochain EMBRIONAL

La formation polonaise de Death Metal Embrional est de retour en ce début d'année avec un nouvel et troisième effort studio.
Evil Dead doit sortir le 10 janvier prochain et succéder à The Devil Inside paru en 2015. Un extrait se découvre ci-dessous avec le titre 'Endless Curse'.

EVIL DEAD is the title of Embrional's third full length featuring 8 tracks that follow up on the horde's death metal insanity, much more mature in terms of composition in comparison to the band's previous albums. 
The music on the record is not only an expression of the band's explorations but, above all, a manifestation of the dormant emotions, angst and darkness. It's an album most diversified in terms of composition, but also a piece of very straightforward and devastating death metal. It contains both very heavy and crushing, depressing sounds, and maniacal twists and turns. EVIL DEAD is not an album that flows peacefully but leaves you disturbingly craving for more... 
Find out for yourself, enter the abyss of the poisoned sounds of EVIL DEAD!

Tracklist :

01. Ending Up on the Gallows - 04:50
02. Vileness... - 04:50
03. Inhuman Lusts - 04:06
04. Lord of Skulls - 05:28
05. Day of Damnation - 04:07
06. Endless Curse - 04:12
07. Abomination - 04:30
08. Damned by Dogmas - 06:19