Détails et extrait du prochain EP de THE WHITE SWAN

Le groupe est mené par Mercedes Lander (Kittie), The White Swan (Sludge/Doom Metal - Canada) sortira son nouvel EP Touch Taste Destroy le 7 septembre prochain au format CD et vinyl.

Il a été enregistré au Noble Street Studios et produit par Reg Harkema and Lex Shuper.

Mercedes Lander explique le contenu de cet EP:

"The kind of love that completely consumes you and ruins any idea of what you thought real love was like.   The main riff came together very easily for me and was written on an Alvarez baritone acoustic on my couch in about 5 minutes. We had the middle part tucked away in our bank of riffs and it fit very well with the main bit of music. Lyrically, the song is quite sappy, which is an underlying theme with The White Swan in general, but I really wanted to keep the verses very dark sounding, to contrast the lyrical content, and the choruses a bit more intense but in the same dark vein as the verses."


01. Touch Taste Destroy
02. Pelvic Sorcery
03. Inamorato 

Découvrez le premier extrait 'Touch Taste Destroy':