MANES dévoile un nouvel extrait de leur prochain opus

Les norvégiens de Manes (Experimental, Electronic, Rock, Metal) ont annoncé la sortie prochaine de leur nouvel album, Slow Motion Death Sequence, qui sortira chez Debemur Morti Productions.

Le groupe a également mis en ligne un premier extrait, le titre "Scion" qui se découvre en fin d'article.

Voici les mots du label à propos de cette sortie :

The legendary MANES return with ‘Slow Motion Death Sequence’, the most fully realised manifestation of the inimitable vision they first unveiled on 2003’s ’Vilosophe’. 

The band continue to riff on late ‘90s progressive experimentation of the Norwegian metal avant-garde (IN THE WOODS…, THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL, SOLEFALD, ULVER), deftly weaving the left-field oddity of that period through hook-ridden pop music and tripped-out electronica. 

An eclectic set containing the strongest and most persuasive songs of their 25-year career, ‘Slow Motion Death Sequence’ is truly a record for late nights – when the small hours draw addictive fascination from seemingly outlandish soundworlds.

Tracklist :

1. Endetidstegn
2. Scion
3. Chemical Heritage
4. Therapism
5. Last Resort
6. Poison Enough For Everyone
7. Building The Ship Of Theseus
8. Night Vision
9. Ater