Détails et extrait du sixième album de SAHON

Le groupe Sud-Coréen de Thrash Metal aux influences Death et Black Metal, Sahon, vient d'annoncer la sortie de son sixième album. Il s'intitulera Chanting For The Fallen et sortira le 15 juillet prochain via la sub-division asiatique du label Transcending Obscurity Records.

Un premier extrait se découvre ci-dessous. Il s'agit du morceau 'At The Edge Of Cliff'.

"South Korean thrash metal band Sahon have been waging a war against stereotypes since the late '90s and forging a sound that distills the best elements of extreme metal into a form of thrash metal that holds its own when pitted against the rest. Their latest release encapsulates the struggle over the years and showcases their affinity for their culture and music. From the quaint painting to the very structuring of these aggressive songs, Sahon are proud of their Korean heritage and that is what makes them unique today."

Tracklist :

01. Faith of Savagery
02. At The Edge Of Cliff 03:14
03. Survive
04. Condemnation
05. Charge Till The End
06. Born To Lose Live To Win
07. Joy Of Hatred
08. You Shall Pay