DEADSPACE met en streaming intégral son nouvel EP

Le groupe de Depressive Black Metal australien, Deadspace, vient de mette l'intégralité de son nouvel EP Mouth Of Scorpions sur Bandcamp. Ce dernier est uniquement disponible en format digital pour le moment, découvrez le en streaming ci-dessous.

"‘Scorpions could even feel at home in a post nuclear wasteland 

They are continuing victors in the evolutionary arms race 
As their prey has evolved defences, they have evolved better weapons of attack’ 

Mouth Of Scorpions is a pointed, stark and cold observation of humanity’s place in the world. An endeavour to separate perpetuating internal emotion and the complex reality of the physical world. Heavily inspired by scientific, social, political, theological, philosophical and environmental theories, Mouth Of Scorpions becomes a self invitation to leave behind introverted dwelling and open ones eyes to a bigger canvas. 

We are all born killers. The question is, have we evolved or devolved? You tell us."

Tracklist :

01. Heart Of Stone - 04:43
02. Mouth Of Scorpions - 04:47
03. World Of Pain - Ft Kjiel - 06:05