Sortie et streaming intégral de la seconde démo AMNUTSEBA

Le mystérieux groupe français de Black Metal avangardiste et occulte, Amnutseba, vient de sortir sa seconde démo via Caligari Records. Elle est disponible en format K7 et Digital.

Voici ce qu'en dit le label: "France's anonymous and occult entity Amnutseba delivered one of 2017's most enigmatic and dynamic black metal recordings, now, roughly seven months later, they are back with a two-song demo that offers an even more twisted interpretation of the most execrable of music subgenres. Step in once again and help yourself; as Amnutseba have morphed and have embraced a fuller, more bizarre and multidimensional sound. "

Tracklist :

01. III - 07:49
02. VI - 07:46