SATYRICON annonce sa tournée US finale

Satyricon (Black Metal - Norvège) vient d'annoncer que sa tournée américaine à venir sera la dernière pour eux sur le territoire américain.
Ceci n'a rien à voir avec un éventuel futur split et le groupe s'explique sur ce choix à travers un communiqué.

"As our U.S fans will have noticed, we haven’t toured there in nine years. There are many reasons for that. I like America and I like Americans, but unfortunately touring there has been a difficult chapter in the history of Satyricon. I can’t guarantee what the future holds, but we did not go on the last record, so I am hoping that one final headlining tour can be a good way of sharing some electric musical moments with our U.S fans, whom we love just as much as all our other fans across the world."